OST - “GQ & Gucci present Mo Salah: A Hero’s Journey”: A film by Anton Tammi

Dec / 2022

A Hero’s Journey is an exploration of the life of modern sporting icons. In each episode, these global talents share their personal experiences of their private and public lives, and the lengths they’ve gone to succeed. For some, the challenges have been mental, others physical, or spiritual. The journey is never easy. Growing up in Nagrig, Egypt, Liverpool’s star forward famously took the bus for nine hours a day to get to training. And although Mo (short for Mohamed) Salah is now universally acknowledged as one of the greatest players in the world, it took many years – and several different clubs – to get here. “I’ve played in four different countries, and always try to adapt to the culture,” he says. “I was in Egypt, then I went to Switzerland, it’s a completely different culture. I couldn’t speak English there; I had to learn English. The culture is different. The way we train in Egypt is different.” One of the things that Mo Salah has learned, on his travels, that success is only truly success if you’re enjoying it. So these days he’s focused on the things that make him happy, like his young family. There’s something else he knows: that even though he might now be thousands of miles from where he started in Nagrig, the journey will always be with him.

OST - “GQ & Gucci present  Mo Salah: A Hero’s Journey”: A film by Anton Tammi