ZULI during a DJ set

Ahmed El Ghazoly aka ZULI (stylized in all capitals), is a musician, producer, and sound artist from Cairo, Egypt. 

Internationally, ZULI is best known for his releases on Lee Gamble’s UIQ – which included a string of EPs as well as his debut LP Terminal, an album that highlighted the depth in his productions, as he simultaneously combines experimentations in rap/hip-hop with music for listening as well as the dancefloor. The Italian Haunter Records also saw the release of the infamous Trigger Finger EP which went on to be remixed by the likes of TSVI, AYA, Acre and more.  

In 2019, ZULI launched a video series ‘irsh’ together with Rama where they curated and invited artists to play video recorded sets in a social setting. Only having the chance to record two episodes before the pandemic struck, they launched a label and have since released 2 compilations and a solo release by long time collaborator Omar El Sadek aka Qow.

Locally in Cairo, ZULI is best known for his work in the Hip-hop scene, particularly with rapper Abyusif (who appeared on ZULI’s 2018 album ‘Terminal’) but also in the Electronic music scene as part of the now defunct collective Kairo Ist Koming (KIK) between 2012-2015. It’s there he founded Cairo’s alternative music venue and club, VENT, together with Asem Tag aka ($$TAG$$), which existed between 2013-2015 before transforming their project into a namesake club night and festival. Around the same time, VENT London was established at the now closed Dance Tunnel venue by a third partner, Mohamed Elshourbagui.   

ZULI’s music garners support all over the board ranging from the likes of Aphex Twin and Autechre, to Ben UFO and Bradley Zero, even Richie Hawtin through its wide ranging sound. 

He joined the NTS Radio roster in 2016 with a monthly show that includes a dedicated hour to guest appearances from up and coming DJs and ones he meets touring around the world. 


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