ZULI & Sam Wiehl - Cipher

Sep / 2020

Cairo DJ and producer ZULI and visual artist Sam Wiehl are just two of the participants of Xquisite Force, an ongoing collaborative project from SFX, the audiovisual label founded by Alessandra Leone and Zoë Mc Pherson

It was the Voynich manuscript that Forces and Ainissa V decided to pass on to ZULI and Sam Wiehl, who took it as the jumping off point to create ‘Cipher’, an elasticated study of organic forms rendered as impossible digital objects moving in virtual space. The piece is inspired by the phenomena of psychogenic amnesia, a memory disorder characterised by episodes of retrograde memory loss, often concerning personal information of a traumatic of stressful nature.

To follow the ongoing creative assemblage of the Xquisite Force project, you can visit the SFX website.

- FACT magazine